The Corfu Food & Wine Festival is the outcome of collaboration between Corfu Municipality, Regional Government of the Ionian Islands, Ionian University, Corfu Chamber of Commerce, Ionian Inspires, Restaurants Association, Chefs Club, Vocational Training Institution of Tourism, Corfu Hotels Association and Federation of Entrepreneurs of Corfu Tourism Enterprises. The festival is organized under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization.
The Festival aims to highlight and promote gastronomy as playing a central role in the history and culture of Corfu and Ionian Islands, since the social dimension of the culinary arts was first documented in Homer’s Odyssey and specifically in the section where Odysseus was hosted on the island of Corfu.
The timing of the Festival coincides with the start of the tourist season with the purpose of introducing and showcasing new season dishes and consequently triggering an extension of the tourism period.
World class Journalists, key figures from the fields of gastronomy and tourism will participate in a range of ways during the Festival.