Petros Gallias

He was born in Corfu where he had his first music and dance studies. He took classes of dancing at the State School of Dance and at several seminars in Greece and abroad.

1993: Graduated from the National Τheatre’s of Greece Drama School. Performed as an actor in the film «End of Era» directed by Antonis Kokkinos.

1991-2019: Co-operated as a dancer and actor with the National Τheatre of Greece, Maria Hors, Irene Papas, Michalis Cacoyannis, Athens Concert Hall and several theatre groups.

1992-2019: Choreographed 95 play’s for theatres, 39 operas, 35 dancetheatres, 3 play’s with puppets, 10 play’s with children’s and 8 with teenagers, concerts, music theatres, between others, for the Fujiwara Opera of Tokyo, the National Τheatre of Greece, the Athens Chamber Opera, the Greek National Opera, the Athens Festival, Athens Concert Hall, Municipal and Regional Theater of Corfu and several European Programs.

Since 1997 he is teaching body expression at the National Τheatre’s of Greece Actors Workshop (1999-2001), at the Music Studies Department of the Ionian University (2008), at the Greek National Opera’s Studio (2009), at Centro Sociale di Salerno in the framework of the programme “CFP D e per il progetto Quelli che la Danza/Ra.i.d. Festival” (2014), at the Dance Days 4 festival Chania / Creta (2014), at the University of Peloponnese Theatre / Drama Department (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), at the Motum Festival / Thessaloniki (2016) ect.

He directed the performances of the Dance-Τheater Group of Athens College (1997-2001) and of the Music Group of Arsakio-Tositsio Foundation (2006).

2008 – 2019: He directed for La bottega delle voci – opera dei giovani, the opera of G. Rossini, La cambiale di matrimonio. “Campielo” Goldoni (2012), “in readiness” (2013 – La bottega delle voci – centro di produzione teatrale II”), 20 dance / poetry / music nights “under the full star sky” (2012 – 2014), 16 dance / poetry / music nights “in the candle light” (2012-2015), Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children” (2014), the opera “Ipopsifios”(2017), the opera “Serva Padrona” Pergiolesi (2017), the theater “Dust in the wind” Nikos Moros (2018), “Odysseas” (2018), the operetes “Apachides of Athens” and Vaftisticos” ect 1993: Founded the Dance-Τheater group Iros Aggelos (Harbinger of Spring) Directed and choreographed: Erotica 1993), Eχedisan me (1995), Lilith (1996), Salome (1998), En Ρlο (1999), Ektote (1999), Phaedra (2000), Phaedra (2003 new edition), Solitude (2004), Edward II(2005), Edward II (2006 new edition), A.Y.O.R. (2007 work in progress), in readiness I(2008), in readiness II(2008), in readiness III(2008), in readiness IV(2008), in readiness V(2009), in readiness V(2010), memories in the water (2010), the forbidden city (2011), in readiness VI (2012), in readiness VII (2013), in readiness (full edition 2014), romeo + (2014), Corpus Poeticus I (2015), The houses I had (2015), See my hands, they are stars, they are birds, they are a loop, they are a hug … (2016), Hercules (2016), Listen to this dream, my heart… (2017), The Ionian Islands (2017), Oreste (2018).

2012 -2015: He was Artistic Director of the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu. Since 2011 he is President of the Greek branch of the UNESCO International Dance Council. Since 2002 he is President of the Association of Greek Choreographers.

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